Net zero energy buildings? An example. Part II: Definition of the refurbishment scenarios


The builiding shows in the Part I of the example is assessed under five scenarios:


The current state of the building is referred to as scenario one. Energy consumption is evaluated considering the lifecycle of the components necessary for the refurbishment, their subsequent operation and disposal.


All scenarios address the suitability of passive measures or the implementation of active systems in

temperate climates under the assumption that comfort in dwellings is achieved.


Scenarios two and three are assessed applying insulation and changing the windows. The fourth and

fifth implement an alternative solution, a controlled mechanical ventilation based on a typical mild

climate cross ventilation.

Figure 1. Current interior view of the courtyard

Figure 2:

1. New insultion over the current envelope, scenarios 2 and 3

--- Cross ventilation. New windows are opened, scenarios 4 and 5